Come learn about the Buchanan School (IGU) Plans

The large building known to most in our neighborhood as the International Graduate University has a storied past, although since I have lived on the Hill it has more or less lived a quiet, somewhat reclusive (and thankfully well-kept) existence. In the coming years, that's likely to change.

The Insight Property Group is planning a major redevelopment of the site, which will involve building a combination of flats and row homes on this large piece of residentially-zoned (R-4) land.  They're referring to the project as the Buchanan School, which is the name of the original DC public school that occupied the building until it closed in 1992.

Unlike other recently-announced projects, such as Watkins Alley, this will not be a PUD, since the developers are not asking for substantial zoning changes. But in term of scale this will likely be comparable to Watkins Alley, and it will be a major change for my block of Capitol Hill.

Insight will present their plans to the public at a community meeting on Tuesday, April 21st at 7pm at the Hill Center. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the project, ask questions, and find out how to keep up to date as things move forward.