See the Updated Designs for 1401 Penn on April 15th

Last month CAS Riegler announced their planned PUD project at 1401 Pennsylvania Ave SE and held a community meeting to introduce the project to the community. The project will be a mixed-use building with approximately 150 apartment and multiple commercial spaces across from the Potomac Avenue Metro Station. At last month's meeting the developers showed the massing (height and scale) and orientation of the building, but there weren't any exterior design details. 

1401 Penn Project Preliminary Design

1401 Penn Project Preliminary Design

CAS Riegler is reaching out to the community again, this time with a full set of design plans. Come to the Hill Center at 7pm on Wednesday, April 15th to see the updated designs, which will include more detailed site layouts and renderings of how the building will look from various points around the block (to help adjacent neighbors visualize the building from their vantage point). The developer will also be talking more about the traffic issues on 14th street that neighbors raised at the first meeting.

Preliminary Design for 1401 Penn SE

On March 12 CAS Riegler presented the preliminary design for their project 1401 Pennsylvania Ave SE, the current New York Pizza site. The project is a planned unit development (PUD) that will include approximately 150 apartment units atop multiple ground level retail spaces. The building will run up 14th St., along Pennsylvania Ave, and then partway into the middle of the block toward Ive Place. There will be an underground parking garage, and CAS Riegler is not planning to ask for parking relief.

Site design for 1401 Penn SE

Site design for 1401 Penn SE

To facilitate access to underground parking and allow for deliveries, CAS Riegler plans to widen the alley off 14th St to 20 feet, leading to the parking access in the rear of the building. At the March 12th meeting neighbors raised concerns about traffic flow along 14th, and the development team said they will work with neighbors to think about way to address current and potential traffic issues. The team said they are also following the the ongoing redesign of the Penn/Potomac intersection to understand how 1401 Penn could complement those plans.

The project is at an early stage, and there aren't any exterior designs to look at yet. CAS Riegler has done multiple buildings throughout the district; you can see examples on their website. At the March 12th presentation, the development team indicated that they are looking to construct a high quality building that is visually consistent with Capitol Hill.

The view of 1401 Penn SE from 14th & Ives

The view of 1401 Penn SE from 14th & Ives

The building is planned for seven stories, roughly similar in height to Jenkins Row. Based on preliminary sun studies the CAS Riegler team presented the building will cast minimal shadows on other properties along and south of Pennsylvania, since most of the shadows will fall across Pennsylvania Ave. Nevertheless, 1401 Penn will be the tallest building on the block, and the development team is working to manage the way the building interacts and blends with the neighboring homes.

If you have questions or feedback, please feel free to email me or reach out to CAS Riegler through their dedicated project page.

1401 Pennsylvania Ave SE (NY Pizza) Development: Community Meeting Tonight

The site at 1401 Pennsylvania Ave SE, where New York Pizza currently sits, is at the beginning stages of a development process being undertaken by CAS Riegler, a DC-based developer.  The project will be a Planned Unit Development (PUD), and I will write more about the PUD process in an upcoming post. One important feature of a PUD is that the developer is required to provide benefits and amenities to the surrounding neighborhood, in exchange for flexibility under the city's zoning regulations.

Tonight at 7pm CAS Riegler is hosting a community engagement meeting at the Hill Center (921 Pennsylvania Ave SE) in room 111.

CAS Riegler reached out to ANC6B to setup a meeting at this early stage in their planning, and tonight is an opportunity to learn more about the project, provide feedback, and start a community conversation about potential benefits the project could provide.

UPDATE: Here's the CAS Riegler project page. On that page you can also contact the developer with questions or comments.