Update on crime and safety in Hill East

At this week's ANC meeting, we were joined by Commander Brown from MPD's 1st District (1D) who provided an update on crime in our area. I wanted to share with the neighborhood some information that might be helpful, since we're all concerned about crime and safety on our streets.

What's happening?
This year as in the past, Spring has brought an uptick in crime. Relative to last month, robberies, burglaries, and assaults with a deadly weapon are all up in our area. In particular, police service area (PSA) 108, our area in Hill East*, is seeing a spike in burglaries. 

     * A handful of residents in SMD 6B06 are in PSA 107

What are the police doing?
Police in 1D are increasing their patrols in our area and trying to make police patrols visible (for instance, along Pennsylvania Ave). The police are also working with the DC housing authority to address crime that may have a connection to DC-owned apartment buildings like Potomac Gardens.

What can you do?
As you've probably heard, taken reasonable precautions. Lock doors and secure windows when you're away or at night. If you see a crime or are a victim of a crime, try to get a good description of the suspect. Focus on distinct characteristics, like purple shoes or a stripe on a jacket.

Want to learn more? Have questions?
Remember, if you witness a crime, suspect a crime, or are just concerned there might be a crime occurring, CALL 911.

You can always reach out to me. You can also contact MPD with questions, issues, and concerns.

1D Commander Jeff Brown (202.299.2037)
PSA 108: Lt. James Dykes (202.904.6484)
MPD 1st District

MPD 1st District Police Service Areas

MPD 1st District Police Service Areas