Draft Master Plan for the New Watkins Elementary

Last week DGS and Perkins Eastman Architects presented the draft master plan for the Watkins Elementary modernization process. After feedback from the community and other stakeholders and following a community meeting with DPR, the DGS team and architects went back to the drawing board. They came up with a broad-based plan that addresses the needs of the school's staff and students and the needs of the community through the DPR facilities, like the gymnasium.

Draft Watkins modernization master plan site layout

Draft Watkins modernization master plan site layout

The proposed master plan would demolish the current multipurpose room/gym and build administrative facilities in that space. To the east of the current building there would be a new wing that will house the gym and a separate cafeteria and stage space. This would replace area that is currently parking lot, leading to a new entry point on D St for vehicles coming onto the Watkins site.

The proposed design for Watkins meets most aspects of the 'ed spec' (educational specifications) for the school. The redesign will improve the movement of students and visitors into the school and provide improved facilities for the community.

If you'd like to learn more about the plans or provide feedback, come to the community meeting this Thursday, April 2nd at Watkins.

See the full plan details on the DGS website.